PRINTING United Digital Experience Highlights Growth Opportunities


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Taking place 10/26 through 11/12/2020, the PRINTING United Digital Experience—a 3-week, global online event—will offer daily programming, research and insight into the latest market trends and areas for future growth & expansion. Benefit from insight provided by industry leaders Marco Boer, David Zwang and IDC’s Tim Greene.

Throughout the 14-days, attendees can listen to discussions about trends, hear, first-hand, how companies have navigated the pandemic, their plans for the future, and how OEMs & suppliers have successfully made the leap across market segments to expand their capabilities.

A sample of Business Management Programming, HR and Government Sessions includes:
  • COVID-19 Updates and Impact on Your Workforce—
    • Presented by Adriane Harrison, VP, Human Relations Consulting, PRINTING United Alliance
  • Air Permitting for Inkjet Presses—
    • Presented by Gary Jones, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety Affairs, PRINTING United Alliance
  • Is Your Safety Program COVID-19 Compliant?—
    • Presented by Marci Kinter, VP, Government and Regulatory Affairs, PRINTING United Alliance
  • USPS: The Politics of Logistics and Delivery on Capitol Hill—
    • Presented by Lisbeth Lyons, VP, Government and Political Affairs, PRINTING United Alliance
  • How to Research New Markets—
    • Presented by David Zwang, Zwang & Co.
Registration for unlimited access to the free event is now live. Save the date on your calendar at:
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