PrintJobManager 2.0 adds useful features for better job control


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Aleyant has released Version 2.0 of PrintJobManager, featuring “Scheduling Simplified to facilitate more intelligent production planning”. According to Aleyant, “Based on customer feedback & industry trends, continued functionality continues to be added to PrintJobManager”.

With Version 2.0, job information can be viewed on the department or resource level, as a basis for intelligent production planning. Each view shows job details, including:
  • Due date,
  • Estimated production time,
  • Customer information, and
  • Priority.
In addition, Version 2.0 also features an additional integration point with Pressero Web2Print solution. Pressero can now be mapped to a custom field, allowing information such as department code, billing code or unique, customer specific metadata to be visible in the Job Ticket & the Job Lists. Custom fields can also be designated as internal or external, allowing better control over shop and customer information.

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