Problem with Post Script Files


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I am not the operator but am posting at home tonight because this is driving me crazy.

We have an Indesign file where the colors are separating perfectly. Each color is appearing with it's proper screening percentages before we send them to the platemaker . For example 10%M 20%C 20%Y 10%K. They look perfect until we send the postscript file to the RIP. Once there, they are losing all the % and rendering at 100% value of each color. We tried a test by building a separate file with a 4" square block of color. Again, we added % values to each color and they look exactly as they should on screen. We sent them to the Platemaker and they come out at 100%. That would lead me to believe it's not the original file as the new file is doing the exact same thing. It is a Harlequin Rip and the version and drivers etc are up to date. It doesn't accept PDFs only Postscript files so we are at a loss as to what we can do to fix this problem.

Can anyone out there help?

Stephen Marsh

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Binary or ASCII PS file? Damn it has been too many years since I had to worry about troubleshooting PostScript files!

Stephen Marsh


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Where is the postscript being written? Are you using InDesigns print dialog to do it, and if so do you have the correct PPD file for your RIP selected? Have you checked the PS file by converting it to a PDF? Like Stephen said it's been a long time since any of us have dealt with postscript files.


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If your Harlequin Rip is "up to date" then it will accept PDF files. I would suggest you contact your vendor or Harlequin support. Have you tried sending PDF lately?
(Could you post screenshots of both the Output and Color Management dialogs of your InDesign print settings? Maybe that will tell a tale.)
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Oh well ... when you post problem like this, is not a bad idea to upload the problem file somewhere and paste the link here, so others can check on their own workflows / rips.
HQ Rips accept PDF since version 4.5, if my memory serves me OK. Try to distill that file and see what result you get. IMHO, it's a RIP problem. Can you upload the problem file?


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I, too, have a Harlequin RIP and send postscript files to it. The tech who installed the software had never installed a system without some other software in between the layout program and the RIP, so postscript is the solution he came up with. We used to print files directly from layout to our old imagesetter through an older Harlequin; our customers don't know how to make PDFs.

How are you making the postscript files? I have to go to Print, input a preset, go to the Printer tab at the bottom, then the PDF tab on the next dialog box and say Save to Postscript. I assume there is more than one way to make a ps file in InDesign, so that's why I'm asking.

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