Quadient Donates To Communities-In-Need


Staff member
Quadient, has reported preliminary 2022 results of its philanthropy program, Quadient Cares. In response to an outpouring of solidarity & interest by employees to support those in-need during the 2022 Holiday Season, Quadient created November, as the “Giving Month”. Driven by over 300 employees, at 17 different events, across 12 countries, Quadient donated more than 1,000 hours of volunteer time to select, charitable organizations.

Quadient's Corporate & Social Responsibility strategy is built around empowering all Quadient employees to engage with their local communities and drive meaningful & sustainable change where needed most—involving:
  • People,
  • Solutions,
  • Ethics,
  • Compliance,
  • Environment, and
  • Philanthropy.
Due to the positive results of “Giving Month”, the company estimates that by the end of the fiscal year ending on January 31, 2023, it will have achieved more than 3,100 volunteer hours, donated since the program launched in April 2021. More than 20% of Quadient employees are active members of Quadient Cares.

It's the company’s aim to improve these results in 2023, by continuing to increase program participation and deepen partnerships, starting with a new global event—"Inclusion Month”, planned for March 2023. More information about Quadient.


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