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So we just inherited a Polar92 cutter which has replaced our Challanger 265. We are noticing two things happening on the Polar that we never experienced with the Titan 265.

1.) When cutting dry toner prints the toner ends up sticking to both the front and back side of the blade. If I had to guess the blade is getting hot enough to melt the toner off the sheet and it then hardens onto the knife in globs. Anyone experience this? Wondering if a different blade material will resolve the problem, these are just high standard inlay blades.

2.) The cutting table is a solid block of what I assume is carbon steel? But it doesn't have any coating to it and the cutter resides in humid Florida so we are always buffing off the rust the develops on the surface. The titan had a painted cutting table so we never saw this issue.

Any thoughts?


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[FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I would worry about that since in the description it says that its "[/FONT]it provides non-drying protection that stays where you spray it.[FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]" the non drying seems that it would transfer to the bottom sheets . . . just thinkin I would prefer a protection that would dry . . .[/FONT]


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I noticed that too and I was unsure of how that would actual work in practice, not sure what they mean by non-drying. How can something stay wet for "up to two years". It was a $13 can of spray from the local grainger so I figured I would give it a shot before trying to locate a distributor for the Bel-Ray product.


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I've seen the toner on the blade. Try changing the blade more often so it stays sharp.
We work with a Polar 92 here and with toner, and we don't have problems here with toner sticking to the blade. We change it every two days.


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we have two polar's here and lots of digital, and I don't believe we have seen anything with the toner sticking to the blade.
however, we do change out the blade frequently as others have said. Do you have a local Polar service guy to ask about the table rusting?
all of our cutters (Polar or otherwise) have been raw steel. we usually use the "pledge" trick to keep them slick, but we're in Wisconsin.
If you humidity is that high in your shop, you might be having other issues that might also be contributing to the toner sticking to the blade.


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The WD40 rust inhibitor went on last night and seemed to work overnight. It doesn't leave a wet residue, it drys on application like any other WD40 product.

I'm going to try switching the blade more frequently and see what happens.

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