Quiet Imposing Combine Automation Sequences


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I have several Quite Imposing automation sequences that I would like to combine into one sequence but I can’t seem to figure out if this is possible. I would like to be able to combine them instead of recreating each of them but want to retain the original individual sequences. Is this possible?
While I can't answer this for you, have you reached out to Quite support? I've always found them to be very quick to reply (phone or email) and knowledgeable.
Turns out there’s a fairly simple way to combine two of more automation sequences. It’s possible by using the "import commands from current document". I ran the first automation sequence then ran the second automation sequence and then imported the commands from the current document. Quite stored all the commands used in both sequences in the final pdf. Then all I needed to do was to save the commands to a new file and the new automation sequence runs both automation sequences.
If you have setups in your Automation Sequences... you should be able to go to Automation Sequences...Create a new sequence and Sequence you already have. (and make them Edit them or not you can choose). After you've added the steps together name it and open you Document and Click Play.


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