Quite a Box of Tricks plugin grayscale profile


I got a PDF that was converted from RGB to grayscale with an older Acrobat plugin called Quite a Box of Tricks.

But it is not clear which grayscale profile this plugin uses and this doesn't seem to be: Dot Gain %, sGray, Gray Gamma 1.8, Gray Gamma 2.2 or something usual like that.

Knowing the profile is important for properly setting the color management, also for making conversions and for other reasons.

Since I don't know what is it, now I'm viewing the PDF with the color management simply set to sGray.

I asked around and some people say that this plugin ignores the embedded ICC profiles and also the Acrobat's color management, and it works in it's own way, so it is not clear what is the source profile and what is the destination profile.

When viewed with the color management set to sGray, the images made with this plugin have darker reds than the real sGray eqivalents.

Does anyone know how this plugin works?

Thank you very much.


To help you better, it would be more efficient if you could describe the problem you are trying to solve. Is this only to guess what profile is used or you have some specific issues?
You can always make chart with spectrum and convert it with same engine in Photoshop to all destination profiles you would like and then compare results.

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