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Hello all,
I recently updated my mac production machine to High Sierra via a clean install, the only hiccup so far is that I stupidly forgot to properly export my action lists from PitStop Pro (2017 Update 1). I did make a clone of my drive as it stood before wiping it and i have tried replacing the new PitStop Pro.acroplugin with the old one from the clone. My older copy of the plugin was a little bigger than the new one, but still no action lists. I have been hunting all over the clone looking for the local version of my custom action lists but can't seem to find them anywhere.

Anyone know where they might be found and if its possible to restore them?

Thanks in advance!

Stephen Marsh

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On the Mac, in User > Library > Preferences > Enfocus Prefs Folder > Action Lists as in the attached screenshot:

Stephen Marsh


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