Riso ComColor BP Unit Adjustment


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I had to align the BP Belt of my ComColor 7150 (it was too close to the front and running up the driven rollers), but after that I noticed that the front and back prints do not align, i.e. they are not parallel. I read in the tech manual that after you change or adjust the BP belt you need to "Make the BP Unit and Registration Roller Parallel," a procedure for which the manual refers you to chapter 11A. But I cannot find anything in chapter 11A to do this. The closest I found is a reference to chapter 11B, which does not exist!?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
I managed to align the sides (long grain, printer direction) by moving the registration hole on the BP unit, but the strange thing is that the top and bottom of the print area do not align. In other words, the page is no longer a perfect rectangle, it is skewed by 1.5mm, which compounds to 3mm when comparing the back and the front. Is that what you expect from these machines, or can this be rectified?


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