Selective Colour Correction Plugin


Over the years we have made use of selective colour correction plugins. We are now using CoCo by Aurelon. Now, updating Mac system software CoCo will not work. Looking for a replacement as we make use of this plugin daily and I cannot find anything to replace CoCo. Any help would be appreciated.


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CoCo appears to have been dead for many years. What some companies do if they have mission critical software that cannot be used due to OS updates is to either keep the old running hardware with its OS and simply buy a new computer to run beside it. Alternatively it may be possible to have an old OS (either on the same machine or on an external drive) to run the plug-in beside a new OS and switch between them as needed.
Or you may have to learn to do your selective color edits in PShop or Serif Affinity Photo.


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We solved such problems by converting our old Windows computers into Virtual Machines and running them with VMWare on modern computers under modern OSs.
I have no firsthand experience with converting Mac computers but I know it can be done.


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