SIGMA Solvent Ink Proven to Last 24-months


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Confirmed by the company’s on going testing, Kao Collins has announced their SIGMA solvent ink now has a shelf life of 24 months—double the shelf life at launch in October 2019, and 4-times the shelf life of the competition.

The extended shelf life of SIGMA ink, along with its >12 hour decap time, offers a sustainable alternative for printers who rely on solvent ink for HP-45a industrial printing systems.

The extended shelf life of SIGMA sets it apart from other TIJ solvent inks. It is ideal for the Mailing & Addressing and product coding industries. The ink adheres to a variety of substrates and label materials, including:
  • BOPP, PE, PET and PP films,
  • Foils,
  • Metals, and
  • Non-porous materials.
More information about the Sigma solvent inkjet ink.

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