Simple Tiff Catcher/Shooter


Does anybody know of a simple tiff catcher/shooter the can send tiffs to a dart Luxel T6000 (screen 4300). We have Esko Imaging Engine that creates the 1 Bit tiff, I just need to send the tiffs to the platesetter.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Raster Blaster, any second hand Harlequin rip, even v6 can do the trick.
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Martin Mueller

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Hi Bob,

knowing that Raster Blaster is not that cheap, but it is the most reliable solution. You will need a blue box too, if you want to run it with a current 64bit Windows.

So Xitron offers recently a complete TIFF catcher kit (PC hardware + integrated bluebox and Rasterblaster software)

Ask your local Xitron dealer for the exact pricing.

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Raymond Ramirez

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I may have a used good one.... What are you currently using now... It uses a PIF card not scisi... depending on the tiff shooter tells you what kind of Pif card and cable you need.

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