Skew Impo in Preps?


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Is there a way to skew an entire Step and Repeat block in Preps?
Rather than skew a page, then step and repeat, which creates impossible cuts.
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Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 5.49.34 PM.png


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I ended up Setting up a S&R block on a smaller sheet, then printing the sheet from Preps to a PDF.
That was then placed on my actual sheet size and skewed as you would a page.
Not as elegant as I would have liked, but workable.
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Screwing the image on the press sheet helps reduce the visible result of offset litho roller train starvaton, mechanical ghosting, or rerolling.
If cutting apart on a flat guillotine cutter, you will need a custom jig against your back gauge/stop/fence to make the cut square again.
Steve Suffoletto


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Can you not skew the final output instead of skewing the imposed pages?
This is the view in Prinergy that allows rotation on final output


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Magnus: I'll have to check that option out. Does it not effect the marks as well?
Edit: Just checked, that dialog comes up during output, not imposition, and is also greyed out in my editor dialog.
Not sure why, but it seems it is not an option, for me anyway.
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