Small Quick Print Business Looking for MIS/MGMT Software


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Hi There! My very small printing company is looking for an affordable MIS software recommendation. We specialize in quick digital printing, and are only 3 people and one Canon 8000 and guillotine cutter.

We're looking for something that we can create customized estimates and invoices, basic CRM and preferably with the ability to add in an online store in the future. Most of our work will likely be same day or next day $25-$100 jobs, but quite a few of them. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices, and our budget is on the low end.

If anyone has any suggestions, or something that has worked for them that would be fantastic!



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Depending on your specific circumstances this may be appropriate:
Highly customizable - internally or by contracted developer - and inexpensive to start.
I have been using Filemaker Pro for decades to do many disparate tasks - no affiliation.

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