Smudging on back edge

Hi All, I've just put in a new bit of kit, nothing major, but printing a specific application on this machine

Ricoh MP C4504
250gsm / 300gsm
Feeding from the stack bypass

I'm getting a trail on the back edge (see below)

Engineer coming on Monday, but they sounded a little unsure on the phone.

Running the card on heaviest driver setting.

Seems worse on the lighter of the cards, the heavier cards has a kick on the back edge.

Hoping someone on here has seen something similar

Best regards and thanks in advance




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What size sheet is that? By back edge do you mean tail edge, as in the last edge out of the machine?


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Unfortunately I'm not familiar at all with Ricoh so I can't help with that.

So I presume you're printing 2up on A4? Just trying to determine the directional path of the sheet relative to the text you showed.
Correct grain direction may help, as the sheet can bend better as it passes through the machine. If A4 LEF you'd want it to be long grain.
Do you know what it is currently?
It's an A4 creased and folded to A5.
I wondered about the grain too, so ran the sheet, feeding on the short edge, but the issue just moved elsewhere.
The kick on the back edge was worse
Maybe some playing round with a few different sheets.

Thanks for your response :)


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