Ultimate & Duplo Enhance Finishing Automation


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Ultimate & Duplo have announced the enhancement of their partnership: bringing more automation to print production through the advanced integration of Ultimate Impostrip and Duplo Slitters, Cutters and Creasers.

According to a Duplo spokesperson, Impostrip has a seamless method of integrating with Duplo’s XML templates, allowing users to quickly automate jobs to their Duplo devices—automatically generating Duplo-certified impositions with the right layout & marks for card, flyer & booklet printing. Combined with barcode technology, the solution enables complete automation from imposition to finishing, eliminating make-readies, increasing productivity, saving time on job preparation, and delivering consistent high quality.

Ultimate & Duplo are highlighting the new Automated MultiFinisher in a live webinar on Thursday, March 25th, 2021.
The webinar ‘’Maximize Print Production Efficiencies’’ is now open for registrations.


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