Verifying full gamut RGB prints


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I recently made some full gamut profiles for fine art printing on our Epson SC-P9500. I was using i1 Profiler to export an RGB target and measured the target with an Xrite i1Pro 2. I then exported the measurements as CGATS and generated the profiles in MYIROTools (I prefer the gamut mapping in MYIRO compared to i1Profiler..). I then use the RIP ImagePrint to apply the profiles and RIP/print the fine art jobs/images. I’m really happy with the print results I get.

Now to my question: What is the best way to technically evaluate and verify the print results for full gamut RGB prints? How do I know that I get the best possible results?

I’m guessing there is some RGB strip I can use for this together with some software? My wish is to get a measurement report where I can see how close the printed target is to the color space of the image (Adobe RGB), maybe presented as %. And also how accurate the print is compared to the printer profile. Something similar to the Fogra MediaWedge v3 but for an RGB print workflow.

Any suggestions?


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Low cost solution is bring both characterization data sets into Excel and calculate a Delta E for each pair of patches (1,617 if IT8.7/4). Then do some basic stats for average and standard deviation. Could even make a histogram.


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