Verifying full gamut RGB prints


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I recently made some full gamut profiles for fine art printing on our Epson SC-P9500. I was using i1 Profiler to export an RGB target and measured the target with an Xrite i1Pro 2. I then exported the measurements as CGATS and generated the profiles in MYIROTools (I prefer the gamut mapping in MYIRO compared to i1Profiler..). I then use the RIP ImagePrint to apply the profiles and RIP/print the fine art jobs/images. I’m really happy with the print results I get.

Now to my question: What is the best way to technically evaluate and verify the print results for full gamut RGB prints? How do I know that I get the best possible results?

I’m guessing there is some RGB strip I can use for this together with some software? My wish is to get a measurement report where I can see how close the printed target is to the color space of the image (Adobe RGB), maybe presented as %. And also how accurate the print is compared to the printer profile. Something similar to the Fogra MediaWedge v3 but for an RGB print workflow.

Any suggestions?
Low cost solution is bring both characterization data sets into Excel and calculate a Delta E for each pair of patches (1,617 if IT8.7/4). Then do some basic stats for average and standard deviation. Could even make a histogram.


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