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Greetings everyone.
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Enfocus and Alwan launch PDF Standardizer

Enfocus and Alwan launch PDF Standardizer

Enfocus and Alwan revolutionize the graphic industry with PDF Standardizer

Enfocus and Alwan launch PDF Standardizer, a powerfull all-in-one PDF content and color standardization tool.

PDF Standardizer is designed for graphic professionals who would like to have full control and guarantee on the quality of their PDF files.

The software offers a simple and reliable way to create PDFs that comply to PDF standards such as ISO 15930 (1 PDF/X1-a) and Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications as well as to color standards such as ISO 12647.

3 powerful technologies under the hood

PDF Standardizer offers automation and advanced preflighting capabilities of Enfocus PitStop Server and Switch. CMYK Optimizer adds the Color correction to PDF Standardizer and provides out-of-the-box compliance with ISO 12647 and 15390 color requirements.

Click here to find out more on the Enfocus website and calculate your return on investment with PDF Standardizer!
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How can automation save you money?

How can automation save you money?

Implementing some automation doesn't need a huge investment! Enfocus has created an easy-to-use Switch product line that can automate only those tasks you want in a flexible and low-cost way. Switch can even automate those software applications you already have, building on your previous investments.


Crossroads is your online meeting point for everything related to Enfocus Switch.
It brings together vendors, integrators and users around the Enfocus Switch automation platform.

Find out how Crossroads can help you to speed up the process of automating your workflow.

Take The Tour at Crossroads world!
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I went to the Enfocus video on YouTube from the link posted above. But there was no sound to the video. Hard to follow what was going on there
I used the demo of Pit Stop pro recently. It did the one thing that I needed it to do. Convert all embedded sub sets of fonts to outlines. With the current work flow (still using a line shot camera negative creation) and not having a every font ever available, and the difficulty of getting customers to send us the suitcases of all the fonts they use in their artwork, this particular tool was an invaluable aid for us in that we didn't have to try and find substitute fonts which was very time consuming. But try and get management to spend the money on something that could save them money. All they see is the money being laid out. They don't see it paying for itself in a very short time after purchase. Bummer!!
Oh well, back to the brain drain
Need to Upgrade

Need to Upgrade

The company I work for is in need of upgrading our Pitstop Professional. We only have one license because we didn't have the volume of PDFs before that we do now. Sharing that license has become a major pain. Is there a multiple license option for upgrading to version 8? If so, what would the cost be? We currently have version 7.

The company I work for is in need of upgrading our Pitstop Professional. We only have one license because we didn't have the volume of PDFs before that we do now. Sharing that license has become a major pain. Is there a multiple license option for upgrading to version 8? If so, what would the cost be? We currently have version 7.


Hi Zinn,

There are different option depending how many licenses you need. I suggest you contact Enfocus directly at [email protected].
They will help you finding the right solution.

Thanks Joe for clearing that up, on Enfocus' site it just say's:
Adobe® Acrobat® 8.x Standard or Professional
Adobe® Acrobat® 9.x Standard or Pro
Adobe® Acrobat® X Standard or Pro
Mac OS® X v.10.4.11, 10.5.x, 10.6
So I wasn't sure if PPC was still being developed for. No mention of PPC or Intel.
Free SwitchClient for iPad now available on the App Store

Free SwitchClient for iPad now available on the App Store

SwitchClient for iPad on the iTunes App Store

SwitchClient for iPad can be used by operators, job managers or even external customers to view and manage jobs and files within Enfocus Switch Workflows

With the App you can
- View job files
- View Preflight Reports
- Make Routing Decisions
- Enter Metadata into Job Tickets
- View Production Messages from the Switch Server

Enfocus Switch offers the simplest yet most robust automation backbone for organizations. Available as LightSwitch, FullSwitch, and PowerSwitch, Switch is a modular, open automation platform that gives printers, publishers, ad agencies, and those interested in higher overall efficiency across departments; the tools to accomplish repetitive tasks associated with receiving, sorting, and processing files automatically, thereby eliminating those tasks from the user’s scope of responsibility.

Switch enables companies to automate the tasks that don’t have added value, and that are repetitive. Automating those tedious tasks allows for more standardized processes, which, in turn, reduces errors, saving time and money. In addition, by giving employees the option to automate those tasks; time is made available for activities that create added value for a company – such as customer service, creative tasks, new marketing and sales opportunities, or simply concentrating on core business services.

In addition, Switch can allow third-party applications to be integrated easily. Setup and automation of those applications is fully controlled from within Switch. Automated applications include preflight and correction, color management, proofing, repurposing tools and more.

SwitchClient for iPad requires a connection to FullSwitch or PowerSwitch 10, update 1.
SwitchClient for iPad also requires an available SwitchClient License in order to connect.
Announcement of PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11 with 'Smart Preflight'

Announcement of PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11 with 'Smart Preflight'

Enfocus PitStop Keeps Production Professionals at the Head of the Class with New ‘Smart Preflight & Correction’

The World's Leading PDF Quality Control Solution Celebrates 15th Birthday with Milestone version 11

9 March 2012 – LISBON-- Over 130,000 Enfocus PitStop users worldwide will benefit from significantly more accurate and flexible PDF preflight and correction when Enfocus releases PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 11, at drupa 2012. PitStop 11’s “Smart Preflight & Correction” is a key Enfocus advancement that allows real-time interactions of user or job-fed Preflight Profile settings.

The automated use of metadata (e.g. JDF and XML) for job processing, via PitStop Server, introduces a new level of automation.

Enfocus PitStop Pro and Server users repeatedly say that their PitStop preflight solution is the most crucial contributor to the success of their PDF workflows. “PitStop 11 allows customers to continue to use their familiar PitStop technology while moving into this new era of preflight,” says Enfocus Product Manager for PitStop Pro and PitStop Server, Leen Vanmaele.

Preflight made Specific to Each Job
Vanmaele says the company has been working to make the preflight process more accurate, and specifically reflective of individual job requirements. In sum, she explains that organizations have not been able to take full advantage of PitStop’s preflight and correction capabilities, because creation of individualized preflight checks and fixes for each job required highly time-consuming creation of a different Preflight Profile for every possible combination of values and conditions.[1]

New PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 11 unleash the full power of the checking and correction options available in the PitStop engine with user-fed or automatic, job-fed values. These are used by the Preflight Profiles to direct which checks and fixes should be over-ridden and open to change at job run-time. Fast and correct linking of the PDF with customers’ specific requirements makes service faster and more accurate. Overall quality is improved and processes are standardized.

PitStop Pro 11 will give its customers the ability to use smart values to check and correct a PDF; while PitStop Server 11 users can enjoy a completely hands-off, new level of automation. In the latter case, PitStop Server preflight settings and values can be driven by job-specific information such as JDF or XML job tickets, often generated by a MIS or an Ad Booking system.

Additional Features: Streamlined Interface and Smarter Text Editing
Additional improvements and changes to PitStop 11 include a cleaner, more streamlined interface making preflight and result navigation more user friendly.

PitStop 11 also brings smarter text editing. For instance a handy “Find and Replace” text tool allows PitStop Pro users to quickly find text, and if desired can immediately replace it while maintaining the PDF’s existing format. Text is also automatically re-merged on a single line, if needed. This will significantly improve ease of use and editing capabilities.

PitStop Server Customers Will More Easily Move into Smart Automation
Research data shows that PitStop Server 11 users will be well positioned to move into more advanced, digital workflows where metatagged, JDF and XML-embedded files interact intelligently with production processes along the way.
As PitStop Server customers become more familiar with utilizing metadata, they will aim to achieve end-to-end automation within a workflow. Switch 11, Enfocus’ new modular automation solution, is the answer to these users.

“Enfocus continues to improve production environments in a profound, yet logical, way,” says Fabian Prudhomme, Enfocus VP. “We round the next curve before our customers do; so that we’re ready for them when they reach their next goal or destination.”

Beginning immediately, users purchasing or upgrading to PitStop Pro / Server 10 now will be entitled to a free upgrade to PitStop Pro / Server 11, until the actual release date.
Pre-drupa promotions are also available through Enfocus resellers.
PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11 will be available by beginning of May, drupa.
For more information on promotions and pricing, please contact your local reseller or Enfocus at [email protected].

Smart vs. Fixed Values in Preflight & Correction

Understanding the concept, of smart vs. fixed values, in new PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 11 relevant to Preflight Profiles, is of paramount importance.

Fixed values are becoming a thing of the past. Together they made up a Preflight Profile, and anytime you wanted to change a single condition – or variable -- of a Preflight Profile – you had to create an entirely new one (re-entering all variables/conditions).

Smart values make Preflight Profiles dynamic, because these match to the specific job requirements, expressed via metadata (manually, via PitStop Pro; and automatically via PitStop Server).

About Enfocus
Enfocus provides modular and affordable tools safeguarding job quality and enabling automation throughout the complete production chain. Innovative solutions improve communication between design and production while enhancing productivity and predictability through automation of routine tasks.
Step-by-step deployment dramatically increases added value without forcing users to completely rethink their way of doing business. Well-known brands include Instant PDF, PitStop and Switch.
Enfocus is a business unit of Esko and has its headquarters in Gent, Belgium.

About Esko
Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging, sign and display finishing, commercial printing and professional publishing. Esko products and services help customers raise productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs and expand business and improve profitability.
Esko employs around 1200 people worldwide. Its direct sales and service organization covers Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region, completed by a network of distribution partners in more than 50 countries.
Esko is headquartered in Gent, Belgium, and has R&D and manufacturing facilities in five European countries, the United States, China and India.

Further Information
PR agencies Enfocus
duomedia pr, Nancy Vermeulen
Tel: +32 2 560 21 50
[email protected]
duomedia public relations - home

HSPR, Helene Smith
Tel: +1 321 388 6511
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Sukerti Van Schoorisse
Marketing Manager
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PitStop 11 update 2 now available

PitStop 11 update 2 now available

Enfocus is pleased to announce the release of PitStop Pro 11 Update 2 and PitStop Server 11 Update 2. The new versions offer full compatibility with the latest releases of Microsoft Windows and Adobe Acrobat. In addition, printers and publishers will benefit from improvements to Action List technology usability, to increase automation even more. Both releases also include new value-add features such as Split Pages, as well as improvements to existing functions. The further development of Smart Preflight enables more dynamically-driven workflow functionality, improving productivity and preflight accuracy.

"For our more than 130,000 PitStop users worldwide, this latest update will be welcome news," says Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager at Enfocus. "With this release, we demonstrate our commitment to keeping pace with the newest releases of world-standard software and operating systems. At the same time, we continuously add sought-after features and functionality based on customer input. This is part of our philosophy to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, and underlines our industry-leading position."

Improved functionality equals greater productivity and fewer errors

These Update 2 releases bring a number of new advantages and efficiencies for users of both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. "Our objective with these releases is to enhance even more the ability for printers, publishers and designers to quickly and easily fix last-minute file problems, and decrease the amount of manual work required for these professionals to accomplish their day-to-day work," says Bailes-Collins. "Early user feedback has been extremely positive. We are confident our users of PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11 will enjoy the benefits enabled by this free upgrade."

System support: printers and publishers can now seamlessly deploy the Enfocus solutions as they upgrade their Microsoft environments, with the full support for Windows 8 (for PitStop Pro and PitStop Server) and Microsoft Server 12 (for PitStop Server). PitStop Pro now offers full support for Adobe Acrobat XI Standard and Pro, which will also be highly appreciated by designers.

Split Pages: a new global change in PitStop Pro - also available as an action - allows users to split pages in half, either vertically or horizontally. This is especially useful for designers, printers and publishers who receive PDF files as double page spreads and require a single page for their workflow. This new feature can even be used for de-imposing of completely imposed PDF files.

New predefined Action Lists: three new pre-defined Action Lists - available in PitStop Pro and PitStop Server - make the 'Split Pages in Half' action more efficient, reducing valuable prepress time for printers and publishers. Action Lists encompass the three mostly commonly used page sizes: A4, A5 and US Letter.

Enhanced Preflight Profile Editor: allows users to turn Action Lists off and on from within the Editor, with an easy check-box interface that specifies whether or not an Action List should run. In PitStop Pro, users can now also edit an Action List directly in the Preflight Profile Editor, without the need to export, edit and re-import.

A new, scaled Preflight Report in both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server makes a low resolution version of the report on an A4 page size that can easily be emailed. This will be of particular interest for users with PDF files with very large dimensions, such as those used in large format printing, as the previous annotated reports were too large in size to allow this before.

Smart Preflight for accurate and efficient PDF preflight & correction

Enfocus is continuously extending the power of its Smart Preflight concept, with new functionality that drives productivity even further. When Smart Preflight is used within PitStop Pro, users can now select values to be used within the Preflight Profile or Action List from a user-defined dropdown menu. This is not only a faster way to access these actions, but it allows printers and publishers to eliminate human error and reduce the level of expertise required to engage Smart Preflight.

Variable Sets can now be locked and encrypted, just as Preflight Profiles and Action Lists can be protected in both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. This protects the Variable Set from being edited or copied. In addition, Action Lists in the Preflight Profile Editor can be controlled by a Boolean variable, making PDF preflighting more dynamic.


The respective Update 2 releases are immediately available at no charge to existing users of PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11, as well as users of the more recent Update 1 versions. Both products can be downloaded from the Enfocus website, Enfocus - Solutions for PDF productivity and workflow automation. For more information, users can contact their local reseller or email [email protected].
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