Xerox 240 Touch Screen


I have an older Xerox 240 that I use as a self service machine....I do not have a service contract and the touch screen is acting weird...if we touch somewhere it clicks on something somewhere else on the there a way to calibrate the touch screen or any other ideas of what could be wrong? Thanks in advance


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Behind the screen there is an arm that hold the monitor. There is a plastic cover that can be removed by hand without the need of screwdrivers, you will find a little plastic calibration pen. If you cant find it or is missing, you can use any plastic pen/stylus like the ones used for Nintendo DS game systems.

Follow the procedures below:

• Turn off the Printer
• Hold the "0" "1" "3" buttons at the same time and turn on the machine while holding the buttons.
• wait a few seconds and follow the on-screen procedure to calibrate the touch screen monitor.

I hope that helps.



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jricart wrote you a nice tutorial, how to calibrate, but if you cannot do that then the touch screen glass has failed,...which is a common problem on these devices, you can grab one or two on ebay for 40-80 USD. look for touch screen glass for Xerox dc 240/250/dc700/4110/4112 they are all the same. When you receive the glass you dismantle the touch screen itself, it's not that hard but there's a lot of screws to unwind,...just take you're time,...then simply replace the touch screen glass but first check how are the cables connected (if you turn it around it won't work),...I've replaced it multiple times, now I can do it in less than 10 min

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