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    Ok so I have a Xante Impressia and the IQueue workflow 11.6.1. I have this file that is Processed for four color. The color on the file is maroon when I view it in acrobat it's maroon. But for some reason when ever I Import it into IQueue it turns into Cyan and Black. Like I Said It's been processed for four color. So does anyone have any ideas on why this is?

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    I'm sure you know you can remap the color in the spot color section for this job, but that won't prevent future occurrences. I have run across quite a few strange things in iQueue but not this. I have had more problems with maroon shades than any other, including cross-hatched colors. I get the best results in color by sending it files processed as Acrobat 4 PDFs. I know that's an old version, but it works best for me as far as color and getting smooth prints. A phone tech told me he uses Acrobat 5, so that's not too far off.


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      Well it could be that the version of IQueue we have is not communicating well with the Adobe Acrobat reader? We have the newest version of Adobe I just have an old version of IQueue.


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        Have you tried turning on the "Output Preview" panel in Acrobat Pro? This tool can be found under the "Print Production" panel of tools. When this opens up, hover over that area with the eye dropper to see the makeup of the color. Often times, this is a transparency issue of how it was created in Illustrator.


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