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Xerox Iridesse jams and Fiery communicartion loss

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  • Xerox Iridesse jams and Fiery communicartion loss

    I apologize if this is addressed somewhere else but I didn't see much on the Irisdesse when I searched.

    We have had an Iridesse for about a month. Speed, quality are great so far. Less maintenance than our old iGEN4 (so far) BUT whenever I have a jam (9/10 times) the Iridesse/Fiery basically kicks the job out of the print queue - and in the middle of a variable data job that is very frustrating. Because we are doing data from the highest number (first sheet out) to the lowest number (on top sheet) we have to waste time printing a few sheets to see if we are in the right range (maybe I am doing something wrong).

    Has anyone else had issues with a "Device failure 45-349" message on their Fiery? The other fault codes were 027-314, 045-326 and 045-349 but I have no point of reference to determine what these are (at least with the iGEN and free flow you got some idea).

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    For a product and an individual installation so new, I would suspect that you would be better off getting on the phone and contacting Xerox support.

    - Dov


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      Our sales rep is getting in touch with one of the specialists. I just wondered if anyone else using these printers/servers had similar problems (along with solutions).


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        That sounds like a IP address issue, like a conflict with another device on your network with same IP address.


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          They are so new and so few out there you probably are not going to find a lot of help. This is the unfortunate part of these newer machines, you are almost beta testing when you are an early buyer. Thankfully your problems will mean a more stable machine for those who buy down the road when they have worked out these peculiar problems. Definitely seems like a big headache, would be hounding service and your reps to get this resolved ASAP.


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            Does the rip keep operating ok after the machine stops? What size is the file when its ripped? When it jams with this error is it obvious the paper has jammed i.e. crumpled up, or does it look more like the machine just stopped?


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              We has a similar problem with Versant 80 with EXi Fiery, every time the machine has an update in his states (paper jam, paper needed, changes in toner or drums percentage) causes Fiery to fall down, and 127-210 error.

              After some tries to fix It, the solution was to change the interface between machine and Fiery and reinstall Fiery OS.

              It seems that some changes in Versant states we're not recognized by Fiery and take down the server.


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                The first thing I always look at are the patch updates on the Fiery. Was the machine working fine before a certain update on the Fiery? Or are there updates that need to be installed?


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