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Nexpress vs Indigo

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  • Nexpress vs Indigo

    Do we have and operators with expierence on both the Nexpress and Indigo. I use to run the Nexpress but here we have the Indigo. I'm told that it cannot do impositions on a job by job basis and that it cannot impose a saddlestitch book with bleeds.

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    Re: Nexpress vs Indigo

    The Indigo can impose on press, but only simple 1ups/2ups/4ups etc..
    It cannot impose a saddlestitch book with bleed which is pretty crap, but to be honest it's better to do this at the prepress stage anyway, so all the print minder has to do is worry about which job to print.
    We rip jobs to PDF first, then use ALAPs Imposer Pro for most saddlestitch books - works fine and really quick, although not as powerful as something like Heidelberg's Signastaion which we used to use.


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      Re: Nexpress vs Indigo

      If you load an imposition template created in YoursTruly onto the press, the Indigo will do anything you give it - including a saddle-stitched book with bleeds. Unless I'm reading the question incorrectly.


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        Re: Nexpress vs Indigo

        If your used to Nexpress, indigo is a different beast - personally im a quite a fan of nexpress; and there on RIP imposistion and job setup options really are rather good - being presented in a very nice, visual way to the operator.

        Someone can feel free to correct me if im wrong, but I belive there are guys out there running Creo Spire on the front of indigo's? Spire would give you a DFE more comparable to Nexstation, with a more visual GUI for doing impo's and so on if thats what your after?




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