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AGFA ACCUSET 100 Plus Imagesetter

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  • AGFA ACCUSET 100 Plus Imagesetter

    We are using the ACCUSET 1000 PLUS Imagesetter. We use film negatives and every now and then we have a separation out of register, smaller than the other 3.
    We have had a tech come out and say it just needed cleaning he never talked to the operator of the machine or asked what type of work was it used for...but since he's come, he left the settings reversed; outputting positives and RREU instead of RRED, once we called to fix that over the phone......we've had these problems it has clear streaks running randomly on each job as well as partial jobs outputting or none at all.
    At least before I could output film by rerunning the job until I got 4 good separations .
    Now the tech wants $800.00 an hour to come out when this is clearly a continuation of something he did.

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    Re: AGFA ACCUSET 100 Plus Imagesetter

    Try a Google/Yahoo search for "agfa imagesetter". It yields several phone-based service and parts solutions. Most are on the coasts, but I seem to remember, at one time there was one in Texas. I was looking at purchasing a used agfa imagesetter, but I didn't.

    Good Luck!


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      Re: AGFA ACCUSET 100 Plus Imagesetter

      At an hourly rate like that, you could buy another one for under 10K and save yourself the grief. Those are great machines, so don't get down on that particular unit.


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        Re: AGFA ACCUSET 100 Plus Imagesetter

        Clear Streaks on film are often caused by hairs in the laser path. Examine carefully under the capstan roller to see if any little hairs are bridging the gap where the laser comes through.

        For poor registration check the wheel in the supply cassette. It's not uncommon for the spindle in this cassette to get bent and the wheel to run out of true. Then the tension in the film will be badly affected and your image registration will vary.


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          Re: AGFA ACCUSET 100 Plus Imagesetter

          I too am in Texas having different problems with the same system. We are getting Media Errors and card failed errors. Our tech is in San Antonio says the supply cassett bar may be out of round. Never heard of such a thing, anyone else?


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            Re: AGFA ACCUSET 100 Plus Imagesetter

            We can help.

            Call Jim @ CompuDoc, 630-554-5800.

            On the AccuSet, neg / pos and RR / WR are set thru the cassette menu.

            Media errors are most often caused by problems with the suppy cassette drive. Could be as simple as the film rotating on the spindle due to worn cassette end caps or improper installation. Could also be a broken supply cassette drive motor hinge, there is a mod kit to fix that. Could be bent supply cassette shaft, too.

            We have all these parts available.


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              Re: AGFA ACCUSET 100 Plus Imagesetter

              Oh BTW, any tech who's there and gone without even talking to the operator should be slapped with his screwdriver and banished!

              "Show me what's giving you troubles" must be the first question asked!


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