18k perfector

Freeman A.Gain

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I think its too fast... unless you are on a web? Then it's too slow! LOL! If you have a machine that can handle it and it cures well enough, spot on then!


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As long as the perfecting mechanism is sound at that speed, it should be good. The question is, how many jobs will you actually be able to perfect at 18000 iph? I can guarantee you at some point there will be someone try to run a low grade garbage recycled substrate and expect it to perform at rated speed, I've seen it a hundred times on other equipment.

This is the way the industry is being forced to go (as well as others). Thanks to the infinite wisdom of many governments /.sarcasm, companies are increasingly forced to compete against 3rd world labor rates. Automation is one of the only ways to reduce the high cost of labor.
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duct maestro

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Thanks for all of your thoughts people. Mark I know a place where the 18k perfector already exists and it's very impressive. Cut star and automatic change over. First in the world I believe and 2 years ahead of the Drupa schedule. ;). Servicetech you are bang on the nail with cheap sh*t stocks.

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