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Cory Smith

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RE: Print is the creation of Gordon Pritchard (aka gordo) and will be a weekly feature on PrintPlanet.com and on the PrintPlanet weekly newsletter.

About gordo:
Formerly Print Quality Marketing Manager for eleven years at Creo/Kodak. Presented at print technical conferences, trained printers and buyers regarding print quality issues in Europe, N. America, and S.E. Asia. Articles published in trade journals, co-authored TAGA paper on halftone screening, authored BRIDG's guide to halftone screening. Previously Technical Director of Western Canada's largest commercial sheetfed shop. For several years Professor of Digital Graphic Design at Emily Carr University. Former Creative Director at McCann Ericksson Vancouver. Currently Freelance Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, Consultant.

Be sure to check out his blog (great resource)
Quality In Print

Lukas Engqvist

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I just love that you managed to get a ":p" in the title, don't know it it was happy coincidence or planned. But letts just assume it was a stroke of genius :)


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Using RE:print?

Using RE:print?

If you're using RE:print cartoons - e.g. Printing them out and posting them in your shop - I'd sure appreciate seeing how they're used. Please take a snap of how you're using it and send it to me at pritchardgordon at gmail dot com

This is just for my own interest!

Best, gordo

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