Acrobat - print section doesn't work when section begins on page 1


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trying to print a bookmarked PDF section by section, by right clicking on bookmark and then selecting "print section".

this works except when the a bookmark is connected to page 1 of the document. then the print dialogue never appears.

this seems to be an historical bug which hasn't been fixed, affecting acrobat XI and also Pro 2020.

Just wondered if anyone has a suggestion for a quick workaround or fix? I can easily workaround it myself using various plugins and production print software, but i'm trying to find a simple fix for someone less technical using only acrobat. otherwise, i'll tell them to manually print the pages from the first section.

so the obvious workaround i found was to just insert a blank page before page 1...
instead of making bookmark to the first section of the document, make a bookmark to beginning of the document.
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