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Is anyone else have issues with Xerox billing? I just had a call from them on an invoice that we received for September and had send a payment 3-4 days after the invoice was received. We are completely up to date with all our payments and have never missed a payment other than a couple times that Xerox messed up and didn't get invoices to us.

This guy actually made me dig up the invoice and make sure we had it in our system and check on the payment status.

I totally get it that they would call if an invoice is past due or something but for them to call just to check on invoices that aren't even due yet is just ridiculous.


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All the time. Very annoying. We always pay on time and they call us before the invoice is even due. I made them pull up our contract one time and read the specifics on billing. When they said payment must be made NET 30 I asked them to count the days from our invoice date. It was like 15 days. I told them to not call back again unless its after 30 days. That stopped them for a few months, but then they were back at it.

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I used to just ignore them and not return the calls until we had one invoice short paid by $300 that got to be a couple months old. They actually put a service hold on my account because of $300 that was overdue when we had sent thousands of dollars to them since. Now I don't dare ignore them again.

All it would take is a monthly paper statement from them showing open invoices.

Sorry for the rant. Talking to a person with very broken English calling about an invoice that is not even due for over a week yet is just not my idea of a good way to start off a week. :mad:

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Just got my bill for our one machine. They charged me for 39,720 color prints and 826,592 oversized prints. Who wants to call the guy from Egypt for me and try to explain that one? :):(


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Our billing used to be flawless, every month we got our invoice and then we had a scheduled day (15th) where they would charge our card and it worked perfectly. Now I'm having to chase them down every month to get them to charge our invoices. What's super annoying is that every time I email them by replying to the invoice THEY sent me, they ask me for the invoice number... it's in the email, that you sent me, that I replied to as part of this email chain.

Sidenote: Our local service company got bought out by Xerox which is why our billing used to be flawless. I wish I had a way to reach out to whomever used to be in charge of our account and let that person know they are missed.

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