Any experience with Versant 180 booklet maker staple refills?


We've been trying to use refills from bopstaples but have had trouble with the staples jamming after we install them. It could be something I'm doing when I replace the cartridge, I've tried reaching out to the company but they basically told me nobody else has trouble with them. Does anyone have experience using these or have another source to recommend? Or are we better off ordering and paying more to get them directly from xerox?


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Below is what we use. We have used them with our 3100 for 2 years now, and never had any problems. Occasionally we will need to pull a strip or 2 of staples out, but overall not one hiccup. We run a lot of booklets too so we are constantly going through staples. Its amazing what being able to use off brand cartridges has saved over the 2 years in staples alone. But i would order these with confidence. If you have a problem with them, then id throw in some OEM ones and have the techs come out and look at it because I feel like it would be a problem on your end.

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