Any one can help with my Heidelberg?

Nawab Ali

any one who see the attached image screen shot of my machine Heidelberg CD 102-5-L
Issued we facing " when machine run up to 2600 to 3000 sheets suddenly machine stopping and showing the message as attached image. How we can solve this problem?


Nawab Ali

Sir all switches are oky, we clean the dust from cabinet than run the machine, up to 3 hours no complaint/problem accorded.


Well-known member
Hi sir:
1) please test the following steps:
a) brushes of main motor, for worn, or dirty.
b)brake , for mechanical issue, or electrical see if there are +48Vdc
c)Temperatur , convert power part SLT.
d) Motor ocan overload /eath-leakage monite, see if the F60 has tripped.
e) Main phase absent
f) Mains phase undervoltage, if you use 380 or 415Vca. maybe your voltage is very critical under
g)phase sequence of mains voltage reversed.
h) +120Vdc FROM grm 120Vdc abset.
Let me know. sincerely

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