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Yepp: That is true: Every job advertisement, in which a high degree of flexibility and personal responsibility is required, is to be suspected this kind of bad surprise from the applicant's point of view...

In fact, once a colleague of mine had left the print shop to study architecture, five years later he came back, after his degree he made exactly that experience above in his interviews looking for a job as an educated architect...
Wow, I just had a flashback. I took the bait at a printing company once thinking. Maybe it's a trick question. To see how committed I can be. So I took the job thinking after my probation period I would get rewarded. I was rewarded alright.
I was told to stop talking, do my work and go home. And don't complain about the $16 an hour. When plenty of people are looking for work.
Their Jedi-Mind tricks didn't work with me. I decided to print out my resume at work. I was caught and written up for it. Manager asked me why I couldn't just go print it somewhere else. I said, "Why when I can save time printing it here." We both like to save.


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