Beware of Printware


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I don’t think the OP is complaining about the cost of ink. It’s the sky high price that Printware wants him to pay to be able to use the software he already paid for after a hard drive failure. He can backup his drive every hour but if it fails he can’t simply image a new drive because they or another vendor have everything tied to a dongle. So backing up a hard drive in this situation is almost useless. Now he just doesn’t want to give Printware anymore business and I can’t blame him.
My comment was addressed to Tony T, sorry should have replied to him and not a new post.
What company do you buy the ink from? Website?
I will probably be buying from RJYoung from now on. They sold me my Ricoh 7210 and 5200 and the sales rep says she can get it for me through formax which is a printware competitor. Not certainyet, though, I may do more research into OEM options.


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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