Changing Brisque/Lotem IP Address


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Following a hardware failure in a Brisque computer, we replaced it with another Brisque computer that was formerly used to drive our 2nd Lotem 800V2 ( we took that one apart for spare parts).
Both Brisques are ver. 5.1
Our problem is that the "new" Brisque refuses to communicate with our Lotem no matter what we try:
1. Changing the IP address on the Lotem (to match the IP address the "new" Brisque had been working with the former Lotem).
2. Replace the network cable connecting the Lotem to the Brisque.
3. Change the Lotems' IP address in the Brisque (Device Handling/Platesetter/TCP/IP address).
The response is Error 5164 - Check IP Address.
Seems we didn't change the IP address correctly.
Can anyone offer advice?
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