Need help with Preps 8 and Prinergy Problem


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Have hopefully a simple question....We're running Prinergy 8.3 with Preps 8. We also have Prinergy EVO. Recently we had to replace our old router so we ended up with all new IP addresses etc. for our computers/servers. Prinergy EVO came up no problem but Preps couldn't find the floating license number. Since that version of Preps is standalone, I had no problems changing from the server name to the IP address and reconnecting. However, with Prinergy, Workshop starts up fine, but Preps will not. I can start up Preps outside of Workplace, but not inside. It tells me that the floating license is found but all I get is the message below. Anyone have an idea how to connect to Preps? Thank you!


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Open Prinergy Administrator on your Prinergy Primary server (HW-33597)
Go to Tools, File Shares for Prinergy. Under the Server name, check that AraxiPreps is defined as a file share


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