Lotem 800 II Quantum error 5175


Since some time, our Lotem 800 II Quantum has intermittently showed the error 5175, “SCSI device driver open error. Check connections, reset device” right after a TIFF is started in Xpo.

In the confit program in this case, the Lotem tends to report SCSI=no and TSP=yes.

There doesn’t seem to be a favorite date/time/whatever cause when this error occurs. Usually after a reboot (or a couple of) it will work again.

Today for the second time, the error seems persistent, i.e. neither reboot will make the error vanish.

What i’ve done already:

- changed the SCSI board in the Xpo computer
- changed the Xpo computer in total
- switched to double TSP boards (with two cards and a cable known as working couple of weeks ago in a Magnus VLF/Brisque)
- when the error was persistent some two months ago we changed the TMCE board (including reprogramming), after which the Lotem worked without problems until now.

Does anybody have an additional hint on where to check for problems or what to do?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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