Cip on Shinohara 74v

how do i get cip on shinohara 74 v 2001 5 colour please help this the 3rd time i have asked a question on Print planet and no one has helped me.

any info is much appreciated

Martin Mueller

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Hi printbandit,
as far as I remember Shinohara presses came with a Windows 32bit Software called CIP3 Station which communicates with the press console. All CIP3 and PPF file were okay for The CIP3 Station.

Martin Mueller

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Hi Printbandit,

finally I found something for you. Please open the link below and copy the CIP3Station folder to your Windows desktop. Doubleclick on the CIP3Station.exe. It runs even on Windows 10. Two user manuals are attched too. I used it only for controlling CIP3 & PPF-files and never together with a real Shinohara press, so I can´t give you any support. I presume it should run on your press console PC system.
Shinohara CIP3 Station

Martin Mueller

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This site appears to be hosted in Russia and the security certificate is showing as invalid which is concerning for a site allowing purchases and financial transactions.
Hi Magnus,

I am a reseller for PressPerPercent. You are right, the online payment process is a bit strange. So I offer my German customers a complete installation and service package.


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