Envelops with Iridesse?


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Is it not grabbing them at all?

Check your feed rollers especially the retarders. And also try different spring tension on them.

Or is the problem after the trays?


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Oversize hi-cap trays or the ones underneath? You are using the extra parts in the tray to assist in feeding envelopes?


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what is causing wrinkling on the trailing edges?, all envs
That is a good question as I see the same thing. Not sure if different brands of envelopes make any difference. For what it is worth it is probably the fuser causing this. It hasn't been that bad or I would have tried different fuser settings, but that might be worth a look.
Definitely the Fuser. The only settings are more or less heat, GSM change and fan settings. Neither have made a difference.Tech coming in tomorrow
Tech did everything possible. changed out pressure roller, new fuser belt, but no change in wrinkling.
Thinking it is 2 things. pressure of the fusing which is not adjustable, and env stock.
Tech is reaching out to others to maybe find a solution.


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Today on #9 windowed from Uline no wrinkling on trailing edge. 1500 through and not one jam. Settings, Plain Uncoated GSM 148, all Advanced set to default.
We ran #9s also with no issues. We were running side seam #10s and they were wrinkling. Then we tried diagonal seam, and
they did not wrinkle. Feeding is no problem.

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