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Reminds me of the days when people would come in with store bought cards to be imprinted around Christmas time. Cards had to be unfolded, had glitter all over them . . . Or other supplied stock that looked like it had been stored in a moldy basement for 10 years. They'd be offended when they didn't receive a discount for supplying their own paper.


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Not sure if they still do or not, but Vista Print used to offer 'free' business cards. They were gang-run printed on a cheap stock and had Vista Print advertising on the back. You were advertising for them every time you handed out a card...pretty awesome strategy actually!

When I worked for a small shop, we had a customer come in asking for free business cards 'because Vista Print does it.' I asked her why she didn't just go with them. She said the quality was terrible and she couldn't get ahold of anyone on the phone. :unsure: "Well ma'am... look how easy it is to talk to a person here! And we do high quality printing." ....She still wanted it for free. :rolleyes:


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Very few people understand the price of "free". And all of the ramifications. It's due to ignorance, stupidity, or cupidity... or a combination of all three traits.

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What about Profitability?
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