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Hello there,

which is the 'best' stand alone software to combine pre-separated tif1bit to a colorful composite pdf?
I need to export a file for printing and checking.

We tried use Esko Automation Engine but the result is awful - I've got a better outcome merging them in Photoshop!
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Kodak TAP - TIFF Assembler Plus can do this from TIFF/LEN files via a hotfolder and or attempt to descreen to create a contone composite image and do many other things… It comes as standard with Flexcel NX, however I believe that it also be purchased separately however it would be pricey and an overkill for only this purpose without the need for any other features that it offers.

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This can be done using Illustrator. I have attached a PDF file that was created in Illustrator by placing two identical tiffs created in Pringery, changing color of one to cyan and the other to magenta, and, making the fills overprint. When saved as a PDF file and viewed in print production with overprint on you see what you see in the file. I am sorry I only had this one file to use as I have been retired for a few years so my resources are limited to what I have saved, but I am still interested in what is going on in the printing world. Since I only had one file to work with I moved one of the images over so you can see parts that are not laying over each other. If you enlarge the view you will be able to see the outline of the dots as you would in TAP. Hope this helps.


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