Game-Changer—Specialty Packaging & Plastic Printing


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They call their new Rapida press a “game-changer”, the new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105-PRO, 8-color 41” press at the Mittera Group’s Long Island, NY facility—a high-quality printer, ranging from unique marketing / packaging pieces to security printing. In less than 6-months, this new press has posted a 40% efficiency increase for their packaging, display, security and commercial printing customers.

Mittera specified their new K&B press with the unique configuration of a Corona Tower & 2-coaters—one of only two ever made with this configuration—and it’s allowing the company to further expand into specialty packaging & plastic printing. Since installation in early December 2020, the Rapida has allowed Mittera to be more efficient, producing with double-digit efficiency.

The company is capitalizing on specific markets that are Rapida sweet spots. One of these—printing on plastic—is one of its fastest growing segments, and Rapida’s Corona tower allows them to print on almost any surface. According to Mittera management, “Plastic can be problematic with its tight window for water & adhesion issues, but the new Rapida has given us the tools to produce outstanding results”.

Famed for their high-security, anti-counterfeiting printing techniques like Rainbow Fountain & Fine Guilloche reproduction, Mittera is producing sophisticated processes, with the highest quality, and is accurately controlling tertiary color saturation levels.

Luxury packaging has also exploded & continues to accelerate. The company reports that it is able to deliver optimum critical color for its high-end clientele thanks to the accuracy of their Rapida’s inline QualiTronic inspection system. An additional benefit is significant waste reduction across their spectrum of expensive substrates. According to a company spokesperson, “We are very pleased with the excellent results!”


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