Heidelberg Roller Check Assistant


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Hi guys. I saw Heidelberg : How to check and set roller in YoutTube . Demonstrator said about film for checking ink strips . Is it for checking roller setting problem? How it works? Thank you for your knowledge.
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The first reference in the video is to the familiar roller stripe gauge (ruler) that measures the thickness of the roller pressure setting or stripe on the plate. You can get this for free from ink and roller suppliers.
The second reference is the one you are asking about.
You have to purchase this from your press manufacturer.
Instead of looking at the plate, you print a dry solid, and lay the film "foil" over it. This method is more messy if your inks are still wet.


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There’s a fairly new roller setting tool called a ‘digi-nip’. It measures your roller nips electronically, and without any ink on the rollers. It might be considered a little expensive for shops that don’t do a lot of roller setting, but if you work for a company that does, this thing can be a real time (cost) saver. It’s convenient to use, and extremely accurate.

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