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Heidelberg Suprasetter 162 stops intermittently: Error 10130


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Hello people,
we have been working on this issue for a while and haven't got a solution yet.

Our Heidelberg Suprasesetter 162 is using Chinese plates which do work most of the time.
But sometimes, we receive an error 10130: The plate cylinder could not be postitioned correctly.
We see this error very intermitently but when we do, it causes a delay of at least 15 minutes.
I have been turning plates for 180 degrees, checking the anodisation on the back side, calling service to check the photo reflective sensor but none of that has been a permanent solution. Heidelberg claims this sensor cannot be adjusted.
I believe the problem is in the anodisation of the plate, which is also present on the back side. This could cause photo reflective sensor to give wrong measurement of the plate and for this it does not load it to the drum.
When checking the plates, we see this anodisation from 6-10 mm on each side. Kodak plates have it as well, but they do work without errors.
Has any of you had similar problem and if yes, how did you solve it?
You are having this problem with some Chinese plates. There is a sensor that communicates with the plate on the machine. This sensor reads the starting point of the plate and starts the exposure as the starting point. This sensor needs to be set by the service. They can say that the part is defective and needs to be change, but only needs to be readjust.


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thanks for your answer.
I think you are speaking about edge detection, is that correct? I don't exaclty know what kind of sensor is used for edge detection in Suprasetter so if you have any experience or other details to share with me, please do.
I have attached the screen and error photo to this, so you can see in what stage it happens


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It is not edge detector. The edge detector works like start of the plate in horizantal (Width) direction. I mean the plate sensor, it works like start of the plate in vertical (Length) direction. The sensor located in the middle at front of the CTP. If I found the picture, can send it.



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Hi sir
Attached is there the sensor figure with the tolerance adjustment
Let me know
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This is fly-off sensor you have marked. This sensor is for the plate vacuum. The exposing point sensor is different type as like edge sensor for 4up and 8up machine. Rhe VLF machine has no edge sensor as like 4up and 8up series. The attached picture (service manual) you sent of 4up and 8up. The VLF is totally different.

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