Help-- Need comments extracted to print.


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Hi All

I have a pdf that I need to print for a school. they have the teachers addition with the answers in comments. I can print them straight out of Acrobat but when I try the print- save as PDF it tells me I cannot do it. And I have tried saving out EPS PS and nothing. As I am searching does anyone know a work around?


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I tried with Acrobat Pro 9 on Win 7 (get with the times, I know, I know...). I added a comment to a test file, printed to the Adobe PDF printer instead of using "Save As" and the resulting PDF had the comment in it. This assumes of course that you're choosing "Documents and Markups" or equivalent to print. Screen shot of my Print dialog box:
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well a work around was open in it google chrome then save it out. Somehow it flattens the art... weird but it worked.

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Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been here for a while. You can use an Acrobat Preflight Profile to flatten the annotations into the page content- Tools> Print Production> Preflight> Flatten all annotations into page contents.

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