Idealliance bestows G7 certification on 2 Koenig & Bauer color systems


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With 2 System Certifications from Idealliance, Koenig & Bauer is now the only press manufacturer with 2—G7 System Certifications:
  • Instrument Flight Color Control by System Brunner,
    • An automated closed-loop color control system, providing extensive reporting on the quality & consistency of print produced, including dot gain for individual colors and automatically controlling gray balance & tonality on press, with real-time quality analysis.
  • Its unique & popular QualityPass (version 8) software that analyzes print quality,
    • Version 8, available now, provides extensive PDF reports for each job—on the quality & consistency of print—and provides a score as a % against the required fields of the ISO 12647-2 standard such as CIE LAB values, dot gain (TVI) and trapping.
For more information visit the company's web site.

Erik Nikkanen

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All this proves is that even modern offset presses are not capable of printing consistently without closed loop color control and analysis. Not consistent or predictable.

Duh. KB, you don't really know how things work, do you.

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