Koenig & Bauer’s New Closed-Loop Color Control for Older Rapida Presses


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Through a partnership with Techkon USA—a leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers & color software solutions—Koenig & Bauer US/CA is offering a unique value-added solution for upgrading older Rapida presses.

The upgrade takes less than a day to perform & a week of training. One of the first to receive the upgrade is a packaging printer in the Southeast U.S.—the benefits have been a dramatic improvement in makeready, consistent color throughout the run, better color management and reduced waste.

Before a press run begins, an ink pre-setting module analyzes the digital image & automatically presets the ink keys on press. The upgrade package provides workflow automation with key benefits including:
  • Automation,
  • Waste reduction,
  • Metrics capture,
  • ISO & G7® compliance,
  • Integration with 3rd-party reporting software.
During a press run, a sheet is pulled and the spectro-densitometer scans a color bar across all ink zones in a single pass. Ink keys are adjusted with the results displayed on a press-side touch screen monitor, for easy press operator interpretation. The color control software verifies the press is correctly “printing by the numbers”—density,TVI, Graybalance, G7®,CIELab, etc.—and enables reporting on key metrics.

To learn more about this Rapida upgrade, please contact Koenig & Bauer’s sales at michael.eichler@koenig-bauer.com


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