Is DTG (direct to garment) Technology discussions covered here in PrintPlanet?


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I was impressed with Kornit at Printing United. Their sales reps were printing geeks/1st level support first and sales people second. Their entry level machine is $70,000 though. They provide much longer term support and parts supplies than some competitors. I don't know how the ink costs compare.

There are a lot of Facebook groups for various DTG vendors and you could use those to get a feel for the lifecycle and support experience based on other user's postings. If I were to get into the DTG business I would talk to Kornit first.

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Our buying group has had several demos over the last few years from Anajet. They feature Ricoh machines and I would consider them if I was interested in yet another market channel. anajet And, of course, Epson sell DTG.


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Thanks Guys. I know printing is core here in printplanet., but also wish to see other interesting things such as :
packaging | label printing | direct to garment | Internet of Things
Isaw Kornit samples say 3~4 yrs then resolution and gamut is not there yet, but knowing it's new models such as Kornit Atlas has CMYKRG+White.
so...hope someone can shine some light... or join the discussion here.
I would suggest focus on 5 area:
- financially — cost, ROI, efficiency, value thing;
- technically — printhead, ink, mechanic, rip
- web integration


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but also wish to see other interesting things such as :
packaging | label printing |
Hi GC, we do talk about packaging and label printing here on PrintPlanet: there's a forum for each. If there's enough interest for DTG, it can also be added.


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Thanks prwhite, just been away for too long and forgot about those...Not sure if Direct to Garment or Textile is something of interest.


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This would be good time to discuss DTG. There's plenty of opportunities and profits are reasonable... Let's talk about it...


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Hi Prepmaster, how you wanna start? Wanna be on board panel or define boundaries first? This forum is mostly technical, but I do suggest full scope if possible:
1). finance — investment, ROI, risk management
2). market — mkt need, mkt size, pain points...... what's the problem/how resolve it
3). technical —prep-rip-cms, printhead, mechanicals, ink


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how you wanna start?
A DTG forum would be like any other. A Forum (like this one) is like a file cabinet with threads acting like drawers in the cabinet. Threads can contain any point of interest, all within the DTG forum.

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