Konica Minlota C1060 Issue


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I have a feed issue with my large capacity 3rd drawer. It keeps pulling doubles no mater what settings I have it at. The tech has changed all the motors and clutches that he can. But I am still getting this issue. It only happens on thick card stocks of 275 gsm or higher. I have tried no vacuum, full on vacuum. YOu name it I have tried it. Thanks for any input.


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Must be a problem with the paper. We regularly flip through the batches of paper, sometimes 2 times, to release the sheets from each other. Static can stick them together, and I see that with some coated stocks the guillotine can make 'smears' at the edges which literally locks sheets together.


I had a similar problem with heavy stock on my 6136. We changed the timing to a delay on the paper settings. When I go in tomorrow I will send you a screen shot. It seems to be working 95% better.


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Keep an eye on your humidity levels. We try to maintain at least 40% during the winter.


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When you say 3rd drawer, is it #3 top or #5 bottom? Have you tried feeding the same paper from another drawer to see if the problem follows the paper? If not following, have you looked through the site glass to see if the paper is floating/separating properly? If not: Have you adjusted the front/side blower power? Too much or too little can cause doubles. Have you tried the front blower in up and down position? Down is not always best on heavy sheets. Start with vacuum at 1 and concentrate on blowers first. After the sheet is floating nicely with good separation of the top sheet, increase the vacuum level until you are feeding reliably. If it can't feed without pulling doubles I would blame the paper. If you don't think there is static, inspect the edges of the paper. I've seen paper from the wrapper with rolled edges from a dull blade. It locks the sheets together. If it's an oversize sheet try shaving on your cutter to get a clean edge. That's all I've got.


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Sometimes the feed rollers need a little extra attention. I always keep a can of belt dressing spray and put a LITTLE on a cloth and rub all the rollers including the bottom roller that doesn't turn. With my canon C750 it's a long reach.
Have your tech try adjusting the tension spring on the back of the DPFR assembly. If that doesn't help, he may want to try using the orange "pre-printed stock" rollers designed for the old 1050.

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