Lines in the print on iJet 1175P


Thank you to everyone who gave input on my last post! A quick summary is that we had been printing with Xante Impressia's for years. Digital stock is now hard to get and we went with the Riso ComColor GD9630 and it was a disaster. Headstrikes like crazy and we are destroying the printheads, because the Riso only has a 3/64 max gap for envelopes. It is not a dedicated envelope press.

We are looking to bite the bullet and go with the iJet 1175P. I've liked everything i've seen so far except for one concern, and that is seeing lines in the print quality of certain samples.

With our Riso, lines were caused by one of two things-- either a spec of dust on the printhead that needed cleaned, or a head-strike has caused a scratch on the printhead and that line is going to be there until the printhead is replaced.

Do you have similar issues on the iJet 1175P with the printheads being scratched and causing lines? (Attaching a sample that iJet sent us)

On the 1175P, you can't replace single printheads. The entire unit is replaceable that contains all of the heads for $3500. On our Riso, each printhead was $3500 and there were 20, and we already scratched about 8.

Im just hoping the iJet 1175P doesn't have the same sensitivity to scratching that the Riso did, and seeing lines in the print makes me nervous. Our customers will ask for a reprint with lines in the print path.


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I suspect it is the file, not the printer. That file has issues. Get a sample from a high quality file. Did that come like that in the sample kit from iJet?
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There are adjustments for pen spacing. Call them and they will walk you through it, very simple procedure.


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I questioned because my kit is very good. No hint of lines anywhere. It also looked like more than lines in your image. Lower left appeared to be more like banding, and there appeared to be edge artifacts like it was a low resolution image, so I was thinking that whoever ran the sample had missing linked images.
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I run a different type of inkjet printer, but I've seen an issue like this when the adjoining print heads overlap each other just a little bit. Tech has come in to fine adjust the head positions and the line(s) goes away. I'm printing black only, so the number of heads I'm dealing with is somewhat minimal. With 4C output, I'd imagine there's more head alignment involved. The fact that the 1175 head assembly is non-serviceable and requires replacement would be troubling to me, coupled with the fact that their demo room samples don't meet your quality expectations.


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We have been evaluating machines also. The 1175 was our favorite hardware, but we are becoming less than confident in iJet as a company. At this price point of the 1175, the concept of good enough doesn't fly. There have been other issues of product support noted in these forum that were disappointing. We have liked the HP Heads for quality, color saturation and economy of ink. This is the first time I've seen any issues. We are going to look at the Postnet system which uses the HP heads. I don't like their feeder, etc., but they have a mobile system that looks like it can roll up to our Kirk Rudy bases. That would be awesome.


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It's been my experience that vendor samples are usually not quality controlled. I've seen samples of Canon's iX with print head strikes, and that's a million dollar machine.

We have the nxt, and these voids pop up occasionally, but I just wipe the head with a lint free cloth and it's back to the races. It has a self cleaning mode as well, but I've found the lint free cloth works much more reliably.

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