looking for Service tech for epson 9880

Hello All,

I hope everyone is doing well after the holidays, I am in a little bit of a pickle. The epson 9880 large format printer that we use for our "contract proofs" has stopped working and am looking for a service tech in the Lafayette, Louisiana area. The printer does not print at all, not a single dot. This happened after I had initiated a power clean. I am wondering if it is the air pump as the printer goes through the motion of printing, also put in a new maintenance tank and after cleaning cycle there is no ink on it either.
Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks C


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I can't help you with a service tech, but I can tell you that parts are virtually impossible to source. We have a 9800 with a CR Motor EOL error. Epson are no longer supporting these models, our local tech was able to find a CR motor from existing stock, however we are looking at replacing both our 9800's due to them being unsupported.


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Compass Micro or Solvent Inkjet may be worth a call- they might be able to walk you through diagnostic for a small fee. It is possible that you need a new head- I had several x880s and the heads failed at about the three year mark. It was cheaper to replace the printers, than to buy heads and fly in a service tech.


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Chineese suppliers have a lot of parts for x800 Epsons. If you know the faulty part, you might find it on Alibaba or Aliexpress.
Just an update, the fine people over at DAVIS & DAVIS BUSINESS EQUIP., INC. in Houston had their tech call me back, not able to come here but did narrow the problem down to the pump cap assembly so have ordered it from Sdott-Parts. Here is hoping that's the ticket!
Soo have gotten limited success with all colors except yellow, no yellow at all! Any ideas as to how I can correct this? Have done 4 power cleanings and multiple regular cleanings, still no yellow....


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Try the Windex soak with a lint free rag or paper towel if you're careful. If that doesn't work, go into technician mode and run SS Clean. If you still get zero yellow ink you might have dead pizo nozzles, in which case you'd need a new print head.
The Printer lives!! Many thanks to those who helped, would have given up way sooner without these resources and support!

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