New look of Print Planet forums with little logos or whatever to the side...


Well-known member
I don't like it. Far too distracting.

I'm "A.D.whatever" or "O.C.whatever" to start with and this is just plain cruel to my poor brain.


Staff member
Davarino, it's a work in process. There are several areas where we are working on the overall look and feel & we all dislike changes from what we're used to. Please bear with us as we, too, experience your pain.


Well-known member
I think it looks pretty nice-not so Netscape Navigator. Seems like less flashing ads too...I swear there were some on here that nearly gave me a seizure.


Well-known member
XenForo (Printplanet current software) is the cadillac of forum software these days. vBulletin (Printplanet previous software) has went downhill over the years. I love the new software.

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