Paper being marked? Epson 7800


I'm using roll paper to print my photography but for some reason the paper is coming out marked. It is always in the same place and running in the same direction as the print head. The mark is about 2" inside of the paper. It is coming out with the marked part first indicating that it is not when the paper is being cut? Unless it is be is being marked on when the previous page was printed / cut. I am new to printing and have no idea what this can be? Any help is very welcome. I have googled it and checked the manual but to no avail.


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Is the mark the same width as the roll or as the printed image?

Try to print two small jobs in a row, but disable the cutter between them (wait for some time before sending the second print). This will tell you whether the cutter is marking your paper, or is it something else related to printing and stopping.


You may have to widen your Platen Gap. Go to Menu - Printer Setup - Platen Gap then select a wider setting. This works on a 9900, I'm hoping this is the same on a 7900

Try trimming the paper before running your job. During the summer months we always trim the paper first thing in the morning because of humidity. The first couple of inches get wavy because of the extra moisture absorbed during the night and the print head scrapes the top of the waves and leaves marks.

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